Save money this Spring, while recreating eclectic spaces!
Spring is here! If you are living in a seasonal region where weather affects your indoor and outdoor daily decor. A change in seasons can be a reason to spend. However, I suggest decorating with what you already own, while purchasing a new special piece of decor to add to your collection. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, if any money at all, to spruce up your outdoor space. Sometimes decorating requires utilizing what you already have already acquired. For me, when winter breaks and spring hits! It’s time to take inventory. First, I check the basement and garage for previous years decor. 9 times out of 10, I find or rediscover an item, that I would have otherwise bought. With aged decor a little spray paint, glue, and a change in perception can make all the difference. Suddenly, that one new special purchase becomes the one item needed. Be sure to group everything that you have together and then figure out what you may want to add, delete, or change for the season. I will even use items on the inside of the home, while incorporating them as spring starts to pull those items and me back outdoors. Over the years, as the seasons continue to change! You will have your own selection of outdoor decor. When buying any new decor, consider what you already have acquired and group different indoor and outdoor pieces together. With careful thought and planning. Over time, you can switch seasons, utilizing your decor whether indoor or outdoors. Happy hunting for that one special item!